A Little Fun

Together we CAN … do ANY thing!

And we have:

    Led the PC(USA)  and it’s predecessors -- kicking and screaming, sometimes --  

into the modern world of stewardshipmission, networkingsocial justice

current issues, Bible study, fellowship, and more.

Presbyterian Women ... please join us!

This is NOT your mother’s 

Presbyterian Women!  

… or, is it?  We have a

 Passion for Bible Study and Social Action

 Passion for Prayer and Human Dignity

Passion for Church and Mission

 Passion for People and Caring

  Passion for Training up Leaders for the Church and World

 Passion for Connections and Networking

Passion for Worship and Spiritual Growth

Passion for Fun and Fellowship

(not in order of importance!)

Our passions have not changed much over our centuries of witness and worship.

Please come give us a try ... 

you’ll like what you find!

Need a friend?  


There’s always a 

Presbyterian Woman who will

laugh with you

cry with you

pray with you

study with you

hold your hand 

love you into wholeness

 find a way to fill your need

share your anger at injustice

 join your action for social justice 

stay with you when the going gets tough

 celebrate life with you!

Presbyterian Women:   

We weren’t always grey … 

We got our grey hairs 

from being on the front lines 

of prayer and action 

for peace and justice ...

 for all people

        in all places

               at all times

                      through the love of God

                              and the passion of Jesus

                                       and the action of the Spirit

 and the hands of women reaching `round the world!

join us 


earn your grey hairs

in the good company of 

those who have led the way for generations.