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The Mission Pledge: PW's Annual Fund

Presbyterian Women's annual fund is the Mission Pledge. The Mission Pledge makes possible PW at all levels of the church: from local and regional to national! 

PW is independently funded; that means that the gifts you give to your church or to the PC(USA) do not provide for Presbyterian Women. Gifts given to Presbyterian Women, however, do support the work of the PC(USA) in multiple ways because PW s;supports the work of the PC(USA) in multiple ways. Financial gifts to the Mission Pledge, PW's annual fund, are often collected in PWC circle meetings. But there are other ways to give (online, by check, and through estate planning). Presbyterian women are always encouraged to give as we are blessed! 

Presbyterian Women (PW) is an independent organization within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) of more than 300,000 women. The programming and resource options for the organization offer a variety of ways for women to live out their faith in an inclusive, caring community.  Check us out at presbyterianwomen.org


Forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves

to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study,

to support the mission of the church worldwide,

to work for justice and peace,

and to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and witnesses to the promise of God’s kingdom.

PW Circle (n) : 

            a group of women members of a local church/congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) who gather at a time and place of their own choosing for any of the following: 

    Bible study, 












    time without children,











    social action,


or anything else they can think of!

PW Organization

The organization of Presbyterian Women (PW) follows that of the Presbyterian Church (USA):

Presbyterian Women” are all the women members of the PC(USA) nationally, a group that holds a meeting (called the Churchwide Gathering) once every three years.  The joy of worshipping, singing, and learning with several thousand women is tremendous!   

PW in the Synod” includes all the women members located in a particular synod, a larger regional area with perhaps annual gatherings.   We are a part of the PW in the Synod of the Pacific.

PW in the Presbytery” includes all the women members located in a particular Presbytery, or regional body.  This group usually gathers several times a year.  We are the PW in the Presbytery of the Cascades

PW in the Church” includes all the women members of a particular congregation, who meet weekly to monthly in small circles [see definition at left] and monthly to several times a year as a whole group for special programs of interest to all the women.  See our “Find Us” page for the locations of all local groups in Western Oregon, Southwest Washington, and Northern California.

HORIZONS, the award winning publication of Presbyterian Women, is published bi-monthly as a magazine and in March as a Bible Study. 

Current subscription rate is $24.95/year; $44/2 years; $63/3 years. 

Bible study without subscription $10 (included free with subscription) 

Call (866)802-3635 or visit www.pcusa.org/horizons.

Celebration Giving


THANK OFFERING meets crucial needs of persons who are hurting. Allotments are made to creative projects less than 3 years old or to a new focus within an existing project. At least 40% goes to health related projects. The funds are gathered in November. 


Each May the BIRTHDAY OFFERING is celebrated by focusing on five projects.  See our “NEWS” tab above for details of this year’s projects!

The Fellowship of the Least Coin was created in 1956 by Shanti Solomon who sought guidance for healing relationships among women of different cultures and countries. FLC allows all women of the world to have a shared offering by prayerfully giving just one of their least coins each month.