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A Blog for Lent 2014

posted Mar 10, 2014, 11:45 AM by Carolyn Hampton

by Sharon Fries

Treasurer, PW in the Presbytery of the Cascades

Last night we had our Ash Wednesday service here in Corvallis and Pastor Matt spoke of going into the desert to walk with Jesus.  It was pointed out that he had to open a door knowing that it would change his whole life and what would it take for each of us to make that type of choice?   What would it take to leave my home on a windy rainy night and go to church?  What would it take for me to leave my quilt room and go to feed the hungry – and you have to know that I love my quilt room.  It is where I feel free to try to be creative and transforming but this is all very inward and perhaps God has to nudge me at times to get me out the door.  So as you go through Lent I invite you to ask the following questions – do it once a week because I am sure that the answers will differ over time as our lives move from spring crocus to desert sands.

What would it take for me to unlock my door and go out to do….

What busyness needs to be set aside….

What sadness, worry and concerns can I trust to God so that I can go and do….

I pray rich blessings on you as you enjoy the blessings of spring contrasting with the struggles of Lent.