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Connecting with other PW groups

posted Jan 29, 2014, 5:00 PM by Carolyn Hampton

by Cathy Ures 

Cluster Liaison for the South Coast, 

and Mission Interpretation Cascades PWP 

In December I drove down to Bandon from Florence.  Harriet Smith and I attended Bandon PW 's Christmas Luncheon plus it was a "Baby Shower for Jesus".   They hold this event each December.  Each woman brings a wrapped baby gift.  After the luncheon the gifts are handed out to the women.   They unwrap them and then they are all admired by one and all.  Many were hand made hats, booties and blankets.

Much love went into their selection - you could tell.  I got a girl's sleeper because I have no daughters nor granddaughters.  It was so fun to be able to shop in the girls department!  After all have seen the presents they are taken to the local hospital to be given to young Moms in need.   


It was a wonderful day including a Christmas turkey buffet and Christmas carols.  We had the introductions of the coming year's PW officers.  Donna Young, out going Moderator was given a beautiful blue orchid plant as a thank you for her leadership.    The incoming Moderator  spoke about what she hopes to  achieve

in the year ahead.  They will have a series of speakers focusing on the needs of the Bandon area.


We met old friends and made new ones, too.  We need to make connections amongst our local PWs.  This was such an opportunity.  If there is an event on your local PW calendar - your Cascades CT members would be happy to attend.  The CT wants to have better communication with the local church PWs.  


When we shared our experience in Bandon with our Florence women they were enthused about the "Baby Shower for Jesus".   Maybe Bandon  will invite us back!!!  Or  we can invite them up to Florence.


PS - invite us and we will make every effort to come and see what you are doing in your local PW.