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My First Blog!

posted Nov 4, 2012, 7:38 PM by Carolyn Hampton

by Sharon Fries,

Treasurer for 

Cascades Presbyterian Women

Well, it is good to know that we can still have firsts in our lives because this is the first time that I have blogged.  As I understand it blogs allow us to share our thoughts, random as they may be so pardon me if this all seems random, disorganized.  As this PW year completed, I finished my third year as moderator in my local church but note that early in the year, this plan was shared with our group.  The thing is you run out of creativity; you can get stuck in your own routine or that of others; you may actually be preventing someone else from stepping forward and doing an outstanding job.  This last I know is true because at a former church I had my hands in many pots and when we moved, I asked people to consider taking over leadership (sometimes asking two shy folks to share leadership).  The results for some have been awesome and I am so excited to see what those women have accomplished.  

People don’t realize that I really am uncomfortable as a leader and have avoided it but God has had other plans for me the last few years.  The trouble starts when one forgets to rely on God, his wisdom, grace and strength.  I always start to think that it is all up to me which is so wrong because I just drive myself crazy with worry!  So now it is my prayer to wait on the Lord, let Him tell me what I should be doing and expect wonders – who will I meet along the way and what kind of things are about to happen.  I know that I have been richly blessed by God in many ways with my husband, church family, neighbors and desire to help.  Yes, it is a gift to care and we should not be afraid of this gift.  So as you spend the summer with a slower pace and hopefully some wonderful Oregon sunshine, let me encourage you to think about God’s gifts to you and if you are doing God’s calling.  If you have exhausted yourself in one place, perhaps the refreshment of finding something new is just waiting to be discovered.

Blessings from Sharon Fries, Treasurer for Presbyterian Women of the Cascades