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PW Angels

posted Nov 4, 2012, 7:36 PM by Carolyn Hampton

by Lynne Martin,

Directory Editor & Cluster Liaison for 

Cascades Presbyterian Women

September 1978 I was newly married and attended my first PW salad potluck. It was held at noon in the upstairs fellowship hall at my new church, First Presbyterian in Corvallis, on a bright day in late summer. I walked in with my Waldorf salad, not knowing a soul, and sat next to an angel named Willie. Willie’s daughter and my husband had been classmates at Corvallis High School and her husband Jack was a partner in the local appliance store where we were to shop many times over the coming years. Willie died some time ago but I will never forget her welcoming, generous spirit and have tried in the years since we met to welcome others in the way she welcomed me.

I’ve met many PW angels since then: Sue, who visited me at my home after my first child was born; Alice, who not only invited me to the young mother’s circle but picked me up and brought me home from my first meeting; Idilia, who encouraged me to accept a position on the PW Presbytery Board (as it was called back then), then insisted I go to my first Churchwide Gathering in 1988; Alice, who held many positions of leadership on our local Coordinating Team and in the community but is now too incapacitated by illness to do much beyond attending the monthly meetings; and, most recently, Muriel, who quietly serves with a devotion unmatched by most.

These Presbyterian angels continue to inspire me every day, whether by what I see them doing for others and for the church right now, or in my memories of their faithful service long ago. I hope to carry that spirit forward, to welcome, encourage, and perhaps even inspire those I encounter every day.