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PW at 25 years

posted Aug 22, 2013, 4:38 PM by Carolyn Hampton   [ updated Aug 22, 2013, 11:52 PM ]
by Teaching Elder Carolyn Hampton
Coordinator for Communication and Resources
Cascades Presbyterian Women

"What?  Only 25 years???  We know PW has been going for lots longer than that!"

That's what several people have said to me about the 2013 celebration of PW's 25th Anniversary.  I feel a bit the same way ... I know I've been a part of PW for over 35 years.  But each time change comes -- division, reunion, sometimes reorganization -- we wind up with a 'new' PW, at least in name.  I remember Presbyterian Women's Organization (PWO) and in fact have my Mother-in-law's PWO pin that she got at "Purdue National Meeting" (now known as Churchwide Gathering).  I remember United Presbyterian Women (UPW) as our organization at the time I joined PW.  I remember that the 'Southern Church' had Women of the Church.  I remember hearing about the older incarnations of PW, such as Women in Mission, Ladies' Aid Society, and others.  

What has happened is that we Presbyterians who happen to be women have a long, long history of being 'church' in our own unique way, no matter what our official name is!  We have been in the forefront of mission.  We have kept deep and exciting Bible Study going for decade after decade.  We have prayed miracles into happening.  We have made life better for untold -- and unfathomable -- numbers of men, women, and children (especially the women and children!) for a couple of centuries.  We have stood for peace and justice in our cities, and states, and nation, and around the world.  We have brought multinational corporations to account for their actions and products.  We have joined with our sisters through Church Women United to foster inter-religious understanding and coordinated actions between denominations and faiths.  We work with our Presbyterian/Reformed sisters throughout the world to keep the church relevant for all and effective at bringing the fullness of life to each person around the world.  Not to mention the laughter, tears, and fellowship we've experienced along the way.  

Jesus our Savior has been our leader for all this time, never rejecting or confounding the work of the women He calls.  God has kept covenant with us, and we have done extraordinary works!

So let's celebrate the last 25 years of our ministry together as Presbyterian Women in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).   Join us for a day of remembrance, celebration, and journeying into our future on October 26, 2013 at Central Presbyterian Church in Eugene when we come together as PW in the Presbytery of the Cascades for our Fall Gathering.  Gatherings are always full of fun, learning, worship, singing, and fellowship.  At PW, a good time is always had by all!