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Small Things Confound the Wise

posted Mar 4, 2013, 5:45 PM by Carolyn Hampton   [ updated Mar 4, 2013, 5:47 PM ]

by Sharon Fries,

Treasurer for 

Cascades Presbyterian Women

For years I kept trying all sorts of craft projects trying to find something that I liked and where I would find my creative, magical self.  What I discovered was that I could copy others but wasn’t able to come up with original ideas.  Because of this I always admire those who seem to use common items to make uncommon things.   When I retired a few years ago someone introduced me to quilting and at last I found my niche.  It was wonderful to find color, texture and infinite variety with fabric so that each quilt is unique and useful.  But there is still much to admire in those who are able to create new patterns and come up with the unexpected.

 Recently I was introduced to the idea of saving my small scraps (selvages, triangle ears, bits of fabric cut when squaring up a block, etc.) and using them to make dog beds that can be donated to our local humane society.  It has been amazing to see how these little bits seem to accumulate so quickly and how what was once waste is now useful.  The Scriptures speak of the simple things confounding the wise and when I consider the simple ideas that crafters have to make amazing things I am reminded of this truth.  God can take the common and make it uncommon, useful and beautiful.  What we would throw away, God can make new.  So today I open my heart and mind with the prayer that God will lead me to see familiar things in a new way.