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changes to the PWP By-Laws

The PWP Coordiating Team is proposing some changes to the By-laws. These changes will be presented at the Fall Gathering and voted on at the Annual Spring Gathering. 

Please review the proposed changes and be prepared to discuss and vote in the spring.

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Bible Study Author Judy Yates Siker introduces Lesson One from the 2016–2017 PW/Horizons Bible study, "Who Is Jesus? What a Difference a Lens Makes"

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Presbytery of the 
PW Fall Gathering


Frank Thompson – former superintendent of the Oregon State Penitentiary
Ron Steiner – Chair of the Oregonians Against the Death Penalty Board of Directors

McKenzie Valley 
Presbyterian Church
88393 Walterville Loop
Walterville, OR
Co-hosts: Westminister of Eugene PW

Saturday, October 22, 2016
9:30 Registration & Refreshments
10:00 – 3:00 Program, lunch & worship
Report from Synod Gathering
PW Manuals for sale @ $6
View PW posters & part of the history exhibit

Cost - $10, including lunch, until October 17, 2016
$15 after 10/17 or at the door
Send registrations to :

Mary Lou Williams, 14601 NW 26th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98685

Please include the name of each registrant with your registration.

Information about the speakers:
                                        Frank Thompson is a 32-year veteran of the military, law enforcement, and corrections. 
                                        He came to Oregon in 1994 to serve as Superintendent of the Oregon State Penitentiary 
                                        and was the supervisor of the only two executions to take place in this state in the past 
                                        52 years.  Mr. Thompson serves on the Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty 
                                        (OADP) board of directors. He speaks frequently in Oregon and has been called upon 
                                        several times to speak nationally. Because of his unique background in law enforcement 
                                        and corrections, he comes to the work of abolition with a very unique perspective. In 
                                        recent years he has been asked to speak to legislative bodies, as they debated possible 
                                        repeal legislation,  at state conventions as well as governors in Colorado, Maryland, 
                                        Nebraska, Tennessee and Oklahoma .

                                        Click here for article written by Frank Thompson about the death penalty: 
                                        "What I Learned from Executing Two Men", NY Times, September 15, 2016

                                        Click here to listen to an interview with Frank Thompson on "The Takeaway," NPR, October 4, 2016
                                        It is the last of seven segments listed: "A Remorseful Executioner Fights to Abolish the Death Penalty"

                                        Ron Steiner serves as the chair of the OADP board of directors. He is a retired marketing 
                                        consultant and has been involved in death penalty abolition work for 16 years. His initial 
                                        experience was in New Mexico, where they repealed the death penalty in 2009. Mr. Steiner 
                                        uses his experience in marketing, advertising and media, understanding that abolition of 
                                        the death penalty can be viewed as a marketing challenge. His experience in speaking to 
                                        audiences at colleges, high schools, civic groups and faith community gatherings, allows 
                                        him to communicate the message and at the same time be totally respectful of opposing 
                                        and conflicted points-of-view. “Building a safe environment to discuss a sensitive topic 
                                        like the death penalty requires open and candid communications.” 

The Thank Offering of  Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian women have been making grants to creative ministries through the Thank Offering since 1888 when Eliza Clokey of Springfield, Ohio, urged each woman to give one dollar over and above her usual contribution to the Women’s General Ministry Society of the United Presbyterian Church in North America as a “thank offering to her Lord.”  Women gave sacrificially and were credited with saving the worldwide missionary movement of the church at the time. Since then, Presbyterian women have granted support to thousands of ministries worldwide, and raised millions of dollars for mission. 

In February 2016, the Creative Ministries Offering Committee of Presbyterian Women met to review 71 applications submitted for grants from the 2015 Thank Offering. Twenty-two of the projects were chosen for grants totaling $510,088. Fourteen of the projects are ministries that serve people in need in the United States. Eight of the projects are international. More than 40% of the funded projects are health ministries. The goal for this offering is $900,000.

To learn more, visit www.presbyterianwomen.org or see the July/August 2016 issue of Horizons magazine.

Westminster Interfaith Caring Place (WICP)–Elders Learning and Nurture Project
This project is one of those chosen to receive grants from the Thank Offering of Presbyterian Women.

The Elders Learning and Nurture project of WICP provides adult day care for frail and cognitively impaired elderly.
Your gift to the Thank Offering will allow the staff of WICP to be trained and certified in Montessori-Based Dementia Programming, and tailor WICP’s creative programs for efficient portability to community venues.

The 2016 Thank Offering booklet was mailed to each PC(USA) congregation. Look for it in the mail today! Order more by calling Presbyterian Distribution Service (PDS) at 800/524-2612.

Thank Offering donations should be forwarded to the Presbytery PW Treasurer: Mary Lou Williams, 14601 NW 26th Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98685


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