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Errata: Come to the Waters Bible Study

posted Sep 15, 2015, 9:06 AM by Carolyn Hampton

Please note the following corrections to the current Horizons Bible study:

• Lesson One, p. 13, Question 7 should read "Can you think of a time when you worked hard to protect, restore, or improve a part of God's creation? What did it feel like?”

• Page 14, “Closing” box, under the header “Closing Prayer,” the sentence that reads, “You are invited to add the benediction in Box Three to end the lesson,” should read Box Two.

• Page 28, top left, should read Psalm 63:1(verse is missing in the book).

• Page 31, under “Testing the Waters,” the wording is from the “Dangerous Waters” lesson. Needs to be for this “thirst” lesson. Change first item to read: Reflect on the ways your own thirst has been quenched in a time of deep longing. How did you experience God’s presence, even in the driest of times? Move second item to page 39 in the Joshua/Dangerous Waters lesson.

• Page 62, “Hymns for this Lesson,” the hymn “Have Mercy, God, upon My Life” is on page 421 of the new hymnal and not page 422.

• The text for Footnote 3 in Lesson Three is missing on p. 80. It is The New Interpreter's Bible, Volume IX, 832- 833. On page 28, footnote 3 actually should be noted three lines up from where it is indicated with the sentence that ends “was thirsty.”