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Global Exchange Necklaces

posted Jan 29, 2014, 3:47 PM by Carolyn Hampton   [ updated Mar 10, 2014, 11:08 AM ]

It's time to be thinking about making necklaces for the Global Exchange.  As you know, we will be using the necklaces as gifts during our visits, and, in addition, the necklaces have proven to be an excellent fundraiser for mission projects such as Living Waters for the World and Global Exchange 2011.   I have made a couple of hundred or more myself for Living Waters, and can tell you from personal experience that they are easy and fun to make as well as easy to sell.  I would encourage you to get started as soon as you can.  


A copy of the pattern is attached for your use.   


I look forward to meeting each one of you in person in the near future.  


Love and blessings,


Dahlia Vela

Chair, Global Exchange Committee


[The yarn is hard to find in retail stores and can be expensive.  Look for ribbon yarns, track yarns, or flag yarns online.  Try]

Crochet hook should be large:  size J is best.


Pull out a length of yarn about 13 inches long, and leave it unworked.

Work a chain stitch for approximately 13 inches.  About 42 stitches work for me, but it sometimes takes more or less depending on the thickness of the yarn.  Be sure to keep your work LOOSE!

Leave another length of yarn about, 13 inches, unworked.  


Pull the yarn through the last stitch, fastening off.

Make as many of these chain pieces as you want in your necklace.  I usually put 5-7 together for a necklace.

After you have completed the number of chains that you desire, hold them together so they line up.  Then tie a knot in all of them together about 3 inches from the end of the chain.  Tie a similar knot 3 inches from the other end of the strands.

Now take the two ends, and tie them together with another knot.  Pull this knot very tight so that it will not come undone when you pull the necklace over your head.  

You can determine the length of your necklace by where you tie this final knot; leaving approximately 1 inch outside the knot will work for most women’s head size.

If you wish to make the necklace length adjustable, pull all strands of the necklace through a bead with a darning needle, or small crochet hook, before tying the final knot.  This bead will work as slide so the necklace can be shortened.

If you have left more than 1 inch at the end, measure about one inch down and trim all yarn ends to that length.  

If you have a shorter end, just trim ends to be even.

Mary Weber     See also her article in the January/February 2010

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